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RheinTacho CR Series Programmable Rotary Speed Monitors
RheinTacho programmable speed monitors have numerous applications in many areas of technology, whether it be for protection of people, machines or manufactured products, to ensure that a plant operates at optimum efficiency, or for speed-dependent switching of system functions in a process.

RheinTacho programmable speed monitors continuously monitor the motion of machines and systems. They detect the signals of most speed and motion sensors. If the measured value exceeds or falls below a preset limit value, the relay is automatically switched and the alarm function connected to it is activated. Versions with analog output are also available.

The alarm function can be set for overspeed monitoring with reset switching delay. Once the speed has fallen below the switchback value and the switchback time delay has expired, the relay reverts to its normal status again.

The alarm function can be set for underspeed monitoring with run-up bridging. Monitoring does not start until after the start signal of the starting-bridge has de-energized and the starting bridge time has elapsed.

RheinTacho Speed Monitor Data Sheet
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All models powered by 18-36 VDC

CE Rheintacho speed monitor


Model Order No. Input Output
CR 5810.100
5813.100 (GL approved)
0.01 Hz to
36 Vmax
Sine Wave
2- or 3- wire
20 µsec min. pulse duration
1 SPDT Relay
CRR 5810.200
5813.200 (GL approved)
2 SPDT Relays
CRA 5820.100
5823.100 (GL approved)
1 SPDT Relay,
Analog Output, 0-20 mA or 4-20 mA
CRRA 5820.200
5823.200 (GL approved)
2 SPDT Relays,
Analog Output, 0-20 mA or 4-20 mA
  • Selectable measuring units
  • Accepts Hall and magnetic sensors
  • PNP, NPN, or sine wave, 2- or 3-wire
  • Input 0.01 Hz to 20,000 Hz, 36 V max
  • 20 µsec minimum pulse duration
  • Input averaging
  • Programmable trigger threshold
  • Programmable run-up delay
  • Over-speed or under-speed monitoring
  • 1 or 2 programmable relay outputs
  • Programmable hysteresis
  • Programmable alarm reset delay
  • Programmable analog output
  • Compact package for DIN-rail mounting
  • Power 18 to 36 VDC, less than 160 mA
  • GL approved versions for shipboard applications
Measuring Units
  • Hz
  • pulses/min
  • pulses/hr
  • rpm
  • in/sec
  • in/min
  • in/hr
  • ft/sec
  • ft/min
  • ft/hr
  • mph
  • meters/sec
  • meters/min
  • meters/hr
  • km/hr
  • pulses per unit
    1 to 10,000
MAN diesel
Speed Monitoring and Over-Speed Protection Applications