Frequently Asked Question

How long will it take to ship my order?

Most API manufactured items ship 5-25 days after the order is received. Occasionally, high demand may or large quantities result in longer lead times. Certain modifications or options may have a longer lead time.

Cecomp (including ThermoPro) products are built to order and have a 7-20 day lead time.

Products from APCS and Camille Bauer are generally customized to your requirements and have a 4-6 week lead time.

Products from Seneca generally have a 3-4 week lead time.

If you need a specific lead time, or are interested in larger quantities, call us at 800-942-0315.

Where are APi products manufactured?

Absolute Process Instruments is located northwest of Chicago, Illinois USA. All APi signal conditioning, Cecomp gauges, and OEM products are designed and manufactured by us in our Libertyville, Illinois factory.

"Made in USA" is indicated on the each API product.

APCS products are made in Australia.
Camille Bauer products are made in Germany or Switzerland.
Seneca products are made in Italy.

What are the advantages of APi plug-in modules?

API signal conditioning products are designed to be used in industrial environments. The plug-In style makes installing, setting up or changing a module a simple task. Once the base is installed and wired, the module is simply plugged in.

The Minuteman series can be quickly set up in the field.

The hot-swappable design allows you change a module simply unplug the old one and plug in a new one. Your process can be running again within minutes.

How do I select the right model or range?

Our product information is categorized by input type. Within these groups you will find alarms and various types of transmitters. If you are unsure of the correct model or range, please call us at 800-942-0315 and we will be happy to assist you with your application.

With most models there are 4 things to specify:

  • Type of input and range
  • Type of output and range
  • How you want to power the module
  • Options and accessories

Input ranges, output types and power options are listed in the appropriate product datasheets. This information is also summarized on the price sheet. Plug in models require the correct socket.

What if I need something special?

We are receptive to your special application requirements. Many models can also be specially ranged to suit your needs. If you need something we don't list, please call us at 800-942-0315 and we will be happy to discuss your application with you. We are experienced in a wide range of industrial applications and can help you solve your industrial signal interface challenges!

What if I need service?

Most APi products carry a limited 6 year warranty for manufacturing quality. You may call our sales department at 800-942-0315 for an RMA number in order to return a product for our evaluation. If we determine it to be a manufacturing problem, we will repair the module at no charge, excluding shipping costs incurred to send it to us.

If the problem was caused by improper application, voltage surges, lightning strikes, physical or electronic damage, etc. we will let you know the repair costs and if it is feasible to repair.s

You may also contact us or by email or call us at 800-942-0315 and he will be happy to answer your product service questions.

What if I have a critical application?

API products are designed to be trouble-free in industrial environments and should give many years of reliable service. However, voltage surges, wiring shorts, lightning strikes, physical damage, etc. can occur unexpectedly and shut down your process. We are able to have a replacement product sent out quickly. Call us for lead times.

If you have a critical process that must operate 24/7, we recommend obtaining a spare module or modules. Most modules are "hot-swappable" for quick replacement and you can have your process running again within minutes.