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  • Lifetime Warranty on API Modules
  • LoopTracker® LEDs
  • Hot-Swappable Plug-In Design
  • Zero and Span Output Calibration
  • Push to Test Output
  • Full I/O/Power Isolation

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Monitoring motor speed with a PLC
Building heat SCR control
Manual override of computer control
Monitor pressure with a PLC
Control & monitor with one flow meter
Monitor product moved by conveyor
Pharmaceutical process validation
Dam bubbler
SCR drive voltage
Blower speed
DC motor voltage and current
DC motor current
Bindicator level xmtr to PLC
Special API4300 for engine speed
Contol conveyor material
Sewage pumping stations
Hydraulic fracking control
Anemometer interface to PLC
Special API4300 for engine speed

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Model Input/Output Features Product

IsoSplitter® Signal Splitter
1 DC Input to 2 DC Outputs

Factory Configured

APD 4930  from $309

Open Datasheet
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Open Features
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Specify input range
0-10 mVDC to 100 VDC
±50 mV to ±10 VDC
0-1 mADC to 0-50 mADC, 4-20 mADC

Specify output range for each channel
2 independent channels
0-1 V to 0-20 V
±1 V to ±10 V
0-1 mA to 0-25 mA, 4-20 mA
  • Removable plugs
  • Output LoopTracker LEDs
  • Selectable sink/source mA input
  • 15 V input loop power supplies
  • Sourcing mA output (sinking optional)
  • 20 V output loop power supplies
  • Sinking mA outputs optional
  • Output test/manual override terminals
  • Full I/O/power isolation
  • DIN rail mount
  • 22.5 mm wide
  • Universal power 85-265 VAC, 60-300 VDC
  • D option for 9-30 VAC/VDC power

APD 4930 IsoSplitternew
APD 4930 DC IsoSplitter