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API Price List, 04-25-22
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USMCA Certificate

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Application notes


Universal Input

Thermocouple I/O & Alarms

2 Channel I/O

AC Alarms, AC Input

Current Sensors

DC Alarms, DC Input

DC to Frequency

Head-Mount Transmitters

Frequency Alarms

Frequency to DC

Load Cell Amplifiers

Loop Isolators

Math Modules

Potentiometer Input

Power Supplies

P-I converters

RTD Alarms & Transmitters

RTD Temperature Indicators,
Alarms & Transmitters

Seneca Products

Signal Splitters

Valve Positioners

Accessories & Sockets


APD 8000 Universal Input Signal Conditioner
mADC, VDC, 13 T/Cs, 15 RTDs, 7 Thermistors, Potentiometer
*Free I/O Range Setup*

APD 41393
APD 41390 Thermocouple Converters
Convert Your T/C to a Different T/C or a DC Output

k121 K-line

K-Line Thin DIN 6 mm Transmitters
Call us for ModBUS, CANopen, Ethernet Devices

Seneca T121

Head Mount Process Transmitters
API 1090G APD4380
DC Input Transmitters and Alarms
APD4930 IsoSplitter
IsoSplitter® Signal Splitters
DuoPak®2 Channel Signal Conditioners
Load Cell Amplifiers
Strain Gauge Alarms

current sensor current switch

Current Sensors & Switches
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APD 4930 Features
APD 4930 Features
APD 8000 Features
APD 8000 Features
API 4130 GL New Features
API 4130 GL New Features
Seneca K-Line brochure
Seneca K-Line brochure
API catalog 2015
API 8 pg catalog
APD signal conditioners
APD signal conditioners
APD IsoSplitter signal splitters
APD IsoSplitter signal splitters
APD HV-DC signal conditioners
APD high voltage input signal conditioners
API plug in signal conditioners
API plug in signal conditioners
API brochure
API brochure

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